• Accountability

    Closely-held structure promotes increased quality and accountability and a faster response time from the National Construction Team.

  • Experience

    Experienced construction professionals as field managers increases National Constructions ability to recruit, train and develop skilled labor talent.

  • Prequalification

    Extensive recruiting process, to include drug test, OSHA training (provided by on-staff trainer), prequalification exams phone interview and face-to-face interview.

  • Benefits

    Full employee benefits provided, promoting long-term employment including: full-time employment, paid holidays, paid vacations, health Benefits, and more.

Welcome to National Construction Workforce

National Construction Workforce (NCW) specializes in servicing commercial construction contractors that demand consistent solutions to their skilled labor needs. Our staff has been in the construction labor management business since 1990 and understands the extreme level of service required to successfully staff your projects. We are also members of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) association.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow as a company while committing to three core responsibilities:

To our clients.

We aim to provide skilled labor which exceeds our client’s expectations at a fair price.

To the employees of National Construction Workforce.

We make a commitment to offer fair pay and benefits, and an environment focused on professional development so that they may provide well for their families long-term.

To our process.

Our target of industry leadership demands a constant evaluation to ensure our daily efforts remain consistent with our broader mission and obligations.

National Construction Workforce is affiliated with Global Construction Workforce (GCW), a skilled construction labor contractor specializing in commercial and industrial labor leasing throughout the United States. Our GCW team has 13+ years of foreign trade experience, having held government-related and private international commerce posts across Southeast Asia for the better part of the last decade. With multiple offices in the United States, and a Field Office in Sydney Australia, we are uniquely capable of delivering global labor solutions. From on-hire solutions, to recruitment services, Global Construction Workforce will work to create a customized solution that meets the needs of your team.