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Hydro Testing at a Gas Compressor in Northern CO

Last week, NCW received a call to supply 20 Bolt Up Fitters and 2 Fitter Foremen ASAP, to perform hydro testing on recently installed piping at a gas compressor station in remote northern Colorado.  Arriving in 4 contingents beginning on that Thursday, the order was completely filled the following Monday.  All craftsmen were drug tested, [...]

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NCW Supplys 30 Tube Welders to Power Plant Shutdowns in ND

In April, NCW responded to a unique call from a union contractor. NCW immediately dispatched 30 tube welders to two power plant shutdowns in North Dakota.  The local union was unable to supply the needed manpower and NCW was able to provide the craftsmen, all of whom passed on-site weld tests as well as drug [...]

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NCW Provides Manpower to the Gulf Coast

Recently, a Gulf Coast commercial electrical contractor turned to NCW when it found itself with more contracts for work than they could fulfill.  With most manpower in the area dedicated to the gas and oil construction boom, NCW sourced and placed 14 skilled electricians to 3 separate projects in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans [...]

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Case Study: National MEP Sub Contractor Needs Ammonia Refrigeration Techs & Engineers

National MEP Subcontractor needs manpower support for ammonia refrigeration. Challenge: One of the biggest issues facing an Ammonia refrigeration facility today is finding qualified and competent technicians to operate and maintain the system. Baby-boomers who were skilled in this area are retiring and this industry has not prepared by training skilled replacements. This National MEP [...]

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Case Study: A Top 5 Largest Non-union Electrical Contractors Needs Laborers in ND

Their Challenge: Beginning in early 2012, National Construction partnered with one of the top five largest non-union electrical contractors in the country to supply licensed journeymen electrician in the state of North Dakota. With energy mining and drilling operations in the western half of the state, and major flood repair operations being undertaken in the [...]

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Case Study: Major Contractors in Western Australia

Their Challenge: Major contractors in Western Australia are currently experiencing a massive shortfall in skilled construction workers, as compared to their current demands. The heavy commercial and industrial construction industry, in addition to the various mining and natural resource industries have seen a boom in recent years that has stretched local labor resources to its [...]

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Case Study: Major National Electrical Subcontractor

Their Challenge: Major national electrical subcontractor won a large project in the ski-resort, mountain region west of Denver, CO. After investigating travel and lodging logistics, they didn’t feel it feasible to send their own manpower, nor did they think they would find enough skilled local labor to successfully complete the project. Our Solution: National Construction [...]

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