Electricians Needed at Potato Processing Facility

Industrial contractor in Oregon requires OR licensed electricians for ongoing maintenance projects at a potato processing facility. Within a week NCW was able to staff the project with two licensed electricians with proper licensing and industrial skill set (cable tray, controls and rigid conduit).

Requisition date: October 2016

Start date: October 2016

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20 Millwrights Needed in 3 Days

Industrial mechanical contractor requires 20 millwrights for a metal container manufacturing facility in New Windsor, New York on three days’ notice. NCW successfully was able to staff all 20 with millwrights who have industrial automation experience.

Requisition date: October 2016

Start date: October 2016

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James Conaway – 3 Year Veteran with NCW


NCW: How long have you been with NCW? When did you hire on?

JC: I am a 3 year veteran of NCW. I started back in August of 2011

NCW: Why did you choose Plumbing as your core trade?

JC: I started back in 1977, when I was in the Navy. I have been doing it ever since.

NCW: What do you enjoy most about the Plumbing trade?

JC: When you are good at what you do and you work hard, staying busy and constantly working are easy. Everyone needs a Plumber!

NCW: Do you enjoy your job and company?

JC: YES! NCW is a great company to work for. I find that the office is easy to get along with and they take care of their employees. An added benefit of working for NCW is that I don’t have to take any of the stress of the job home with me. I can go to work, do my job, and leave it there to go relax at home.

NCW: What are your future plans?

JC: After retiring from NCW, I would like to move down south, where it is warm, to Pensacola, FL.

NCW: What advice would you give young professionals interested in getting into the plumbing trade?

JC: Do research! Talk to people, watch videos on the internet, read articles, do as much work up front to make sure that this is the trade you want to get into. It will take a lot of hours to master your skill, so make sure you enjoy what you are doing.

NCW: What hobbies do you have outside of work?

JC: Fishing and Disk Golf. Disc Golf is a big deal for me. I have been doing it over 30 years!

NCW would like to thank James for taking the time to tell us a bit about himself. He has been and continues to be an exemplary employee of NCW. Thanks for all you do James!

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Licensed Plumbers Needed for Native American Casino, OK

A regional mechanical contractor was given an accelerated schedule on the construction of new Native American Casino in Oklahoma. The order came into NCW on Thursday for 5 licensed plumbers to start on Monday and was filled by end of day on Friday.

Requisition date: November 2014

Start date: November 2014 (5 days later)

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NCW expands into Oklahoma

Last week, NCW expanded it’s regional offices into Oklahoma to support a growing base of customers the area. Our new office is located at 1115-C S. Aspen Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.

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Midwestern MEP Contractor Startup in Atlanta, GA

A midwestern MEP contractor startup was recently awarded free trade subcontracts for construction of new assisted living facility in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Within 2 weeks NCW sourced, screened and placed 2 foreman to manage the plumbing and electrical contracts and also supplied a supporting cast of craft laborers.

Requisition: Oct 27th

Start date: Nov 10th

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